LyondellBasell expands the cooperation with Nordic Polymers

For 11 years Nordic Polymers have represented A. Schulman, now LyondellBasell, with Engineering Thermoplastics in the Nordic territory.

It has been with such success that the gigantic polymer producer has chosen to expand the cooperation with Nordic Polymers that from now on also will be distribution partner for Masterbatch in Sweden, Norway and Finland – with a strong position based on the well-known Local Production Site in Åstorp, Sweden.

LyondellBasell is among the largest producers in the world of polymers. A position that the company consolidated in 2018 with the purchase of A. Schulman well-known for production of Masterbatches and Engineering Thermoplastics. As a result of a very successful cooperation with Nordic Polymers LyondellBasell have now chosen to enlarge the collaboration with Nordic Polymers with distribution of Masterbatches in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

”We are very proud that LyondellBasell have extended our existing contract for Engineering Thermoplastics and chosen to expand the cooperation. It’s a huge acknowledgement from one of the world’s largest producers of polymers to receive the appointment also to represent the Masterbatch portfolio. It can only be achieved if you have a proven efficient and competent set-up, comments Henrik Hansen, CEO and Partner in Nordic Polymers.

Please read the full press release here.